Why Choose Perinatal Hospice?

What To Expect...

We are committed to help you find hope

in the midst of your grief. We will walk

alongside you and your family as we

provide comfort & counsel to help you

honor the life of your baby.


We would love to hear from you, to hear

your story, and to walk with you providing

support to you and your family.


Please call us at 316.687.2792

Your appointment will be with our

physician and team members who have

extensive experience in Perinatal Hospice.

We will discuss various aspects of your

baby's diagnosis and likely outcomes.

We will also help you by providing

specific recommendations that you may

consider during your pregnancy.


If you Choose Perinatal Hospice...

- We will work closely with your primary

  care physician and obstetrician to best

  coordinate your care.


- A 3D/4D sonogram will be offered to

  you at no cost and you may return for

  additional sonograms at any time with

  your family members throughout your



- We will help you create a birth plan

  that expresses and honors your wishes.


- We will support the dignity and

  integrity of your family.


- We will assist you in the advanced

  planning of your baby's memorial

  service if you desire.


- We lovingly offer all of the services to

  you at no cost, thanks to caring

  members of our community.


"Nothing is as simple and yet so powerful

as hope. We strive to give you confidence

in your situation and security in your

future. Our commitment to you is

clear: treat you with kindness, love you

enough to tell you the truth, give you

the best care we can provide, and

remain by your side through

this very difficult time."


Scott Stringfield, MD, Medical Director

"I feel better knowing I spent as much time

as I could with her and no one took her

besides God and He took her when

He thought it was time."


Perinatal Hospice Parent

"I saw a whole new face on love today."


Anesthesiologist after the delivery

of a hospice baby

"This was the hardest day, but

the best day of my entire life."


Perinatal Hospice Parent

"It's amazing to witness how

God wraps His arms around these

families with His profound love."


Perinatal Hospice Team Member

538 S. Bleckley Dr. Wichita, KS 67218  |  316.687.2792